Your personal pelvic floor prescription

Are you feeling lost, not sure which exercises you can and can’t do?

Do you feel like you’ve tried every gadget and free video out there?

Are you ready to take control and rebuild yourself an awesome pelvic floor?

1:1 personal movement training tailored to your needs

Everyone’s pelvic floor story is different and unique.

1:1 sessions offer you a private and totally personalised plan to support your pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Together we work on all the areas in your mind, body and lifestyle that will improve the function of your pelvic floor.


I became very unsure of my body and its capabilities after surgery. The thought of doing anything wrong frightened me. Spending time learning how to treat my body and doing things slowly and correctly has absolutely helped me heal quicker. I now feel confident in my yoga poses and i feel so much stronger and connected with my body.

1:1 client

How it works

We will work together for 3 months. All session are online via zoom or in person for those living in Nottingham, UK

  • We begin with talking about you, your life and your symptoms.
  • You’ll have homework after each session to help you achieve the results you want.
  • I’ll teach you how to realign, stretch and strengthen your whole body to improve your pelvic floor function.
  • You’ll receive a personalised exercise plan with clear guidance and when and how much to do each day and week.
  • We’ll talk about what positive change you can make to your lifestyle and I’ll support you to overcome any obstacles that stop you making progress.
  • During our coaching you will develop your body awareness and become your own health expert so that you can continue to maintain your pelvic floor health

Would you like to find out more?

Your personal pelvic floor prescription

3 months working together 

Investment: £350

Time: 2 x 1 hour teaching sessions per month and support inbetween via your favourite communications app – like What’s App!

Here’s what you’ll get:

Me as your personal cheerleader – keeping you on track and designing a plan that will work with your life

A personalised pelvic floor prescription, which will focus on your specifc pelvic floor symptoms.

An assessment of your posture and alignment with guidance on areas where you need to focus

A review of your lifestyle and daily activity to see where you might need to make changes and guidance on how you can easily incorporate the changes in to your routine.

Coaching to break through any barriers that are getting in your way.

An exercise plan that will help you reach your goals.

Your commitment:

As well as the 2 hour-long coaching sessions per month you will need to dedicate 10 minutes for 3 days a week.

I’ll teach you everything you need and all you need to do is find 30 mins a week to practice. It’s that easy!

About me

Clare Makin

"I believe that everyone can benefit from a safe and sustainable yoga practice. I carefully create inclusive yoga classes that focus on strength, mobility and balance. We all have different bodies, different abilities and different goals. Each person's yoga practice is personal to them and my role is to guide you on your journey.

I've been practising yoga for over 20 years and in 2016 decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge further so decided to train as a yoga teacher. Since then I have completed 2 teacher trainings in 'traditional hatha yoga' and 'yoga with a focus on the science of movement.'

I've loved the power of movement since childhood when I studied ballet, tap and disco dance. I've always been fascinated in how our bodies move and how we can learn new ways of using our body which benefit our whole wellbeing.

My interest in women's health started when I rehabilitated my pelvic floor with a full body approach. I learned how to realign, stretch and strengthen my body to improve the function of my pelvic floor. Now I'm passionate about sharing what I've learned with others!"

Clare is a qualified yoga teacher (500hrs) and certified Your Pelvic Matters instructor, with a background in dance training.


British Wheel of Yoga foundation course - level 1

200 hours hatha yoga teacher training - Bahia Yoga

300 hours modern yoga teacher training - Heart and Bones yoga

Your Pelvic Matters qualified instructor


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