Benefits of yoga

What are the benefits of a yoga practice?

Yoga has many benefits. It is my mission to help you enjoy the freedom of movement through the teaching of yoga. I believe that if we develop awareness of what our body needs, then we can really help ourselves to feel strong and happy for many many years.

There are many ways in which a regular yoga practice can help. After just one class you will feel a little more relaxed than usual. You may even feel more stretched and free from tension. But with a regular yoga practice you can really start to feel the benefits.

A yoga practice can help you to:

  • Learn how to relax and know when you’re body needs to rest so that you can look after yourself between classes
  • Improve your balance which will really benefit you as you get older (and let’s face it, we’re all getting older!)
  • Build strength in your muscles to help you move with comfort and ease
  • Increase the mobility in your joints so that you experience less pain and enjoy the freedom to move
  • Find time for yourself to tune in and become aware of your own needs
  • Be kinder and calmer in real life
  • Know your body better and put you in the best position to look after your own wellbeing
  • Move in a variety of ways that ultimately keeps your body healthy and functioning well
  • Manage your mental health by providing time and space to tune in
  • Improve symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, lower back pain, knee joint problems and repetitive strain injuries.

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