Yoga classes and workshops

Strength, mobility and balance

Carefully created classes to help you move more and feel better. Enjoy yoga that’s good for your body and mind.

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Strength and Mobility

Tuesday 6.30pm – 7.30pm
Haywood Road Community Centre, Mapperley, Nottingham

This class blends smart movement with safe yoga poses to help you build strength, mobility and balance. We focus on moving within your own boundaries to provide the right level of support for your body to be strong and happy

Enjoy a variety of movements that will help you move more easily and feel better in your body and mind.

During the class you can expect to enjoy:

  • functional movements
  • active and passive stretches
  • breathing practices
  • yoga poses with a focus on strength and muscle engagement
  • relaxation to support your nervous system and mental wellbeing.

This is class is for you if you:

  • Want to increase your strength and improve your mobility and balance
  • Have an active lifestyle and want to learn how to look after your body so that you enjoy the freedom of movement for a long time
  • Are managing an injury and want a way to stay active and work within safe movement boundaries
  • Want to develop your body awareness and take some valuable me time each week