MY pelvic floor

A full mind body approach to pelvic floor rehab.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you never had to worry about leaking again?

How would it feel to be confident that your pelvic floor worked, so that you could do anything you wanted? No more embarrassing moments!

I’m on a mission to help you tackle your pelvic floor problem so that you can embrace life and feel happy.

Did you know that 80% of women suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction at some stage in their life? 

If that’s you then I think its time you took action. You deserve to feel confident, femimine, strong and happy.

Clare is an informative teacher and really wants us to get the most out of her sessions. I definitely feel the benefits of her classes. Thank you Clare.


I love your classes because of your specific knowledge of pelvic floor function and how you apply it to the whole body, making your classes suitable for everyone – regardless of age or gender. You have a very clear and calming style.


I love that I can now go on my kids’ trampoline

Cara, MY pelvic floor course

MY pelvic floor is an 8 week, online course for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Over 8 weeks we will work together, step by step to:




It’s going to be a combination of online tutorials and live video calls with access to a Facebook group to help you stay motivated.

You can expect to feel supported, nurtured and motivated to keep on track and get the results you’ve been after for a LONG time.

Over 8 weeks you will:

Learn and practice 10 foundational exercises that will realign, stretch and strengthen your whole body to get it functioning well again

Join a weekly group video call to learn the new exercises, check in with how you’re doing and keep you on track with the course material. (These will all be recorded as well, so don’t worry if you can’t make the times.)

Enjoy practising along to a range of yoga videos to help you develop your strength and mobility

Practice all of the exercises daily – with guidance from me on how best to integrate into your daily life.

Each week is a new module and a new focus. Here are the themes:

Here’s what we’ll cover each week

Week 1 – foundation exercises part 1

We will go through 5 key exercises starting with your feet. That’s right! We’re starting with foot mobility which plays an important role in how well the rest of your body works.

Week 2 foundation exercises part 2

We build upon week 1’s exercises working on stretching out tight hamstrings and the best way to do this effectively. This will help your pelvis sit in the right place to get your pelvic floor functioning

Week 3 a focus on lunges

A simple lunge is so useful for stretching our tight hips. You’ll learn all about the benefits, how to do it safely and enjoy a yoga sequence to build strength in your hips.

Week 4 – strong glutes to support your pelvic floor

This is a vital step in your rehabilitation. It’s very common to have weak or inactive bum muscles. You’ll learn lots of ways to build your strength again

Week 5 breathing

You will learn how to breath correctly to support the automatic function of your pelvic floor. This will also be beneficial to help manage anxiety

Week 6 adapting your current yoga practice

Not all yoga poses are good for you if you have pelvic floor dysfunction. But with some adaptations to those poses you can still practice safely and get back to your favourite class.

Week 7 learning to release tension

This is going to be so useful for you to help manage anxiety and ensure you’re not holding tension that is causing your symptoms to feel worse.

Week 8 hip strength and shoulder mobility

This is final piece of the puzzle in getting your body to work as it should do.

Along the way I’ll be sharing lifestyle advice that is easy to implement but makes a massive difference to your symptoms.

By the end of the course you will be an expert in how your own body works!

You’ll have a wealth of knowledge in how to continue to keep your body functioning well.

Plus, you’ll be able to access all of the videos will be available to you forever so you can return to them at any point.

The next course starts in September 2020

About me

Clare Makin

"I believe that everyone can benefit from a safe and sustainable yoga practice. I carefully create inclusive yoga classes that focus on strength, mobility and balance. We all have different bodies, different abilities and different goals. Each person's yoga practice is personal to them and my role is to guide you on your journey.

I've been practising yoga for over 20 years and in 2016 decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge further so decided to train as a yoga teacher. Since then I have completed 2 teacher trainings in 'traditional hatha yoga' and 'yoga with a focus on the science of movement.'

I've loved the power of movement since childhood when I studied ballet, tap and disco dance. I've always been fascinated in how our bodies move and how we can learn new ways of using our body which benefit our whole wellbeing.

My interest in women's health started when I rehabilitated my pelvic floor with a full body approach. I learned how to realign, stretch and strengthen my body to improve the function of my pelvic floor. Now I'm passionate about sharing what I've learned with others!"

Clare is a qualified yoga teacher (500hrs) and certified Your Pelvic Matters instructor, with a background in dance training.


Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

300 hours modern yoga teacher training - Heart and Bones yoga

Diastasis Detective Instructor

Your Pelvic Matters qualified instructor


200 hours hatha yoga teacher training - Bahia Yoga


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