Wouldn’t it be great if our bodies worked well all of the time without pain? And what if your mind felt calm and content all of the time?

Well, I can’t promise a miracle but I can tell you I’m dedicated to helping you feel your best.

I teach yoga classes in Nottingham with a special focus on body alignment and awareness.

I love yoga because it offers a practice that can support the way our bodies work as well as our mind. It offers time and space to develop self-awareness so that you become the best person to know what’s good for you. To know when it’s time to rest and when you need to move.

I get really excited about body alignment and I’ve adapted my own yoga practice to ensure it is safe and sustainable. Not all yoga poses are good for all people, so it’s important to practice safely and with knowledge of how your body is working.

It’s important that you continue to work on strength, mobility and  balance as this will give you the freedom of movement that you desire.

My approach to teaching is guided by the principals of human anatomy. I love the science of movement and integrate this into my classes and workshops.

I find that if you tune into your body you can find space to work on your own mind stuff too.

I’m very practical and straightforward in my approach – offering you ways to move well and feel better.

If you’re looking to increase flexibility or master that handstand, then I’m not the yoga teacher for you.

But if you want to regain or maintain strength, improve your joint mobility and your balance then I’m your yoga teacher!

I will guide you, support you and offer you yoga poses and movements that will develop a strong and mobile body that supports a modern life.