Yoga is holistic. It incorporates your mind and body into a practice that benefits your whole wellbeing. And because of this union of mind and body it provides a perfect tool for working on your pelvic floor health.

By learning how to stand, move, stretch, relax and breathe correctly you can help your pelvic floor to function well again.

Your pelvic floor is affected by the way you use your body and if we are anxious or stressed, our mind becomes a component of how well your pelvic floor functions.

Ever had that nervous or scared feeling and needed the toilet? Was that not your mind creating a response in your body? Yes, it was. 

So yoga, as a practice of mind and body, is the perfect combination of physical and mental work that will help the health of your pelvic floor.

Here’s how it works (in a nutshell of course):

On a physical level

Work begins with your feet. Moving up the through the body it’s important to focus on alignment of how you stand. Basically, we learn to stack the bones on top of each other, placing them in the best position for your internal body to work well. There’s lots going on inside your abdomen, chest and pelvic areas so we start by learning to stand in the optimum position. Now that may sound bizarre because you’d like to think we should already know how to stand correctly. But the day to day actions of our regular life changes the way our body moves and stands. One prime and pertinent example is how we hold a child on our hips/waist. In this position the pelvis most likely tilts under and the hip juts out in order to hold them. How many times a day are you in this position? Over time, your body will adapt to this position and begin to feel that this is the new normal. When your pelvis is tucked your pelvic floor is not working correctly, it simply isn’t in the right position to be most effective.

It becomes a process of making small changes to our alignment through the practice of exercises and yoga poses, so that your body learns new and healthy ways of moving and being. 

In a yoga class we work on these small movements overtime. We align and then we build strength. We also learn techniques to release tension in tight areas.

Working on the mind

In yoga we practice mindfulness. Which is just a way of saying we learn to pay attention, to the present and to ourselves. By learning mindfulness we learn how to tune in to our body’s needs. We learn the art of relaxation and we’re better able to know when we need time to restore.

If you’re someone who suffers with stress or anxiety, this could be the main factor that’s affecting your pelvic floor (and maybe other ailments too.) So by learning to breathe and relax you’re helping the health of your pelvic floor.

I love that yoga is a framework for all of this work – mind, body, strength and relaxation.

Your wellbeing in an ongoing journey and needs your commitment to make the difference. 

Are you ready to make that difference?