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Happy Pelvis Club

whole body health starts with your pelvis!

Inside the Happy Pelvis Club you can enjoy a range of yoga + movement classes for your pelvic floor, core and more!


Having a healthy pelvis – one that is mobile and strong – is going to help your whole body move well and feel good.

A happy pelvis helps:

  • Save your lower back from doing all the work, so you feel less pain this area
  • Keeps your hip joints healthy so that there is less impact on your knees.
  • You to give birth to new humans and we’re always going to want to create more people!
  • You walk comfortably
  • You engage your core muscles, especially when you bring in rib cage positioning as well
  • Provide a home to your pelvic organs and we especially want to keep these safe so they work nicely 

Join the Happy Pelvis Club and enjoy carefully created yoga and movement classes that are safe and sustainable for your whole body and perfect for your pelvic floor health.

This is the ultimate pelvic floor exercise regime that will support your mind and body too.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:

  • Weekly online & live whole body yoga and breathing class Thursdays 8pm – 9pm (term times only)
  • regular online workshops to explore a specific theme.
  • Access to a library of online classes to practice anytime you like
  • PLUS access to 8 steps to pelvic floor happiness (an 8 week pelvic floor rehab course) (worth £150)

The Happy Pelvis Club is a good way for you to gently improve your posture, breathing, strength and mobility – which you need for a well functioning pelvic floor. It complements 1:1 pelvic floor rehab by offering space to move carefully and mindfully with a special focus on pelvic floor and core. 

    If you’re looking to regain or maintain good pelvic floor and core health – this is the online community for you.

    So that’s a weekly live class per week, regular themed workshops and access to a library of on demand  classes for £22 per month (no contract, cancel anytime)

    Enjoying classes inside the Happy Pelvis Club will:

    • Complement 1:1 pelvic floor rehab with your physio
    • Help you maintain your pelvic floor wellbeing
    • Ensure you move safely so that you can gently build strength in your whole body
    • Give you time and space to reconnect with yourself and gain a deeper understanding of your bodies needs
    • Offer you lots of variety of movement, which is good way to keep your pelvic floor working well
    • Feel supportive and nourishing for your mind and body
    • Help you to release tension and relax

    Are you looking for a way to stay strong and mobile that easily fits into your life?

    The Happy Pelvis Club is designed especially for women who want to feel strong and resilient to enjoy life fully.

    Does this sound like you?

    • You enjoy movement like walking, dancing and yoga but want to feel stronger and fitter?
    • You seem to get injuries if you try a new sport, so you stop
    • You experience occasional pelvic floor problems and want to maintain your function?
    • You love yoga but can’t always make live or in person classes and would prefer to practice in your own space
    • You’ve completed the 8 steps to pelvic floor happiness course and want to continue your journey
    • You suffer with a chronic illness that limits your mobility and energy
    • You’ve noticed general aches and pains are getting worse as you get older
    • You’ve reached menopause and everything is changing!
    • You’re busy but still want to find time for self-care.

    Join the Happy Pelvis Club and become your own body expert!

    The Happy Pelvis Club is your online portal to whole body health. It is a monthly membership of yoga classes and a range of mini courses to focus on specific aspects of your health.

    You will have access to a library of resources to help you not only practice daily but improve your body awareness, teach you how to get the most out of each pose and how to practice safety and avoid injury.

    You will learn how YOUR body moves, how to move safely to avoid injuries and how to get stronger and more mobile.

    Over time we’ll build up an incredible library of resources, ideas and practice-along classes. There are now 20 new classes waiting for you to enjoy.

    I’ve created the Happy Pelvis Club to help you maintain whole body happiness. When your whole body functions well, your pelvic floor functions well. It’s a total care package to keep you moving safely and feeling positive.

    I’ve created this membership to give you access to yoga classes in a way that fits into your life.

    You can do as much or as little as you like!

    Happy Pelvis Club is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to develop your own sequences that are just right for you. Over time you will learn about the body, the poses, the sequences and everything else that you need to embed a daily yoga practice into your life.

    Take a look at the library of classes

    weekly classes + regular workshops + a library of on demand classes

    A weekly live classes per week

    Pelvic Floor rehab

    Online classes

    Stay strong,  mobile and happy with a library of on demand classes.

    Do you want to:

    • Maintain a happy pelvic floor?
    • Feel strong and resilient?
    • Improve your strength, mobility and balance in a safe way?
    • Feel fit enough to enjoy daily activities?
    • Enjoy movement and feel better?

    If you’ve answered yes to one or more then your next step is to join the Happy Pelvis Club

    About me

    Clare Makin

    "I believe that everyone can benefit from a safe and sustainable yoga practice. I carefully create inclusive yoga classes that focus on strength, mobility and balance. We all have different bodies, different abilities and different goals. Each person's yoga practice is personal to them and my role is to guide you on your journey.

    I've been practising yoga for over 20 years and in 2016 decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge further so decided to train as a yoga teacher. Since then I have completed 2 teacher trainings in 'traditional hatha yoga' and 'yoga with a focus on the science of movement.'

    I've loved the power of movement since childhood when I studied ballet, tap and disco dance. I've always been fascinated in how our bodies move and how we can learn new ways of using our body which benefit our whole wellbeing.

    My interest in women's health started when I rehabilitated my pelvic floor with a full body approach. I learned how to realign, stretch and strengthen my body to improve the function of my pelvic floor. Now I'm passionate about sharing what I've learned with others!"

    Clare is a qualified yoga teacher (500hrs) and certified Your Pelvic Matters instructor, with a background in dance training.


    Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

    300 hours modern yoga teacher training - Heart and Bones yoga

    Diastasis Detective Instructor

    Your Pelvic Matters qualified instructor


    200 hours hatha yoga teacher training - Bahia Yoga


    Clare Makin profile