About me

I rehabilitated my own pelvic floor by learning how to move better, improving my posture and changing my daily habits to help my whole body function well.

I’m fascinated by the body and how we can look after ourselves better when we understand how it works.

It feels like magic when you can simply learn to breathe differently and improve how your pelvic floor responds.

I’m particularly interested in the science of movement and how we can change movement patterns to improve the function of our body.

Movement has always been part of my life as I started dance classes at the age of 7. My childhood was spent dancing, doing exams, competitions and shows. I even studied dance at A level – which seemed like the cushiest subject as it was just second nature to me.

When I stopped dancing in my early 20s I started going to yoga classes. Fast forward a few years and I studied my first yoga teacher training in 2016 at the same time as growing my son.

Clare at the playground
Clare Makin

My story

After the birth of my son I noticed that my pelvic floor wasn’t functioning very well. I lost all trust in knowing when I needed the loo and developed a habit of going to the toilet A LOT! I started to look into the mechanics of the pelvic floor, how it functioned and then I found a training course in pelvic floor rehabilitation. It was perfect.

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I started to build on my training in yoga and dance with an education in the science of movement.

In 2020 I completed a second teacher training in modern yoga with applied human anatomy as a specialist focus.

I’m passionate about supporting women who are experiencing pelvic floor problems because that was me a few years ago. By learning how to realign, stretch and strengthen my body I was able to rehabilitate my pelvic floor and get it functioning well again.