1-2-1 yoga offers a personalised programme to suit your body, mind and lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be great if our bodies worked really well all of the time? If we could always spring out of bed feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

But for many of us that’s not the reality. We awake with aches and pains from the previous days activities. We know we need to exercise to stay healthy, but what’s the best movements to do for your particular body. That’s where private and personalised yoga classes can really help you.

Unfortunately our modern life often causes many of our aches and pains. Over the years of working, driving, sitting etc… our bodies come out of alignment and that’s when the pains and problems start. Sometimes over exercising can be the cause or doing the wrong type of activity for your body.

It takes a while for all of this to happen of course. Then we reach our mid forties perhaps and suddenly start to feel like life is taking it’s toll. That’s when we start to tell ourselves we are just getting old and maybe even start to accept it.

And who’s going to go to the doctors to complain of aches and pains? Would you just work around it and start adapting your movements so that your body isn’t causing you pain? When you start adapting and avoiding doing those movements, you start to lose the ability to move that bit freely. It’s so true when people say, use it or lose it! We have to keep moving our bodies in order for us to be able to keep moving our bodies!

Private yoga classes can help you to learn how to move your bodies to develop and maintain the strength, balance and mobility needed to feel strong and happy.

This is how a personalised, private yoga class can help you.

  1. The first place we start is with assessment. We see how your body moves in and out of poses as well as looking at posture. We also talk about you and find out what you want from a yoga practice. Everyone has a different starting place. You could be coming back from an injury or wish to regain strength. You already love yoga, so you know the many benefits, but what’s important to me, is what you need.
  2. I create a practice that works for you! Each session will be different, offering you a variety of movements, poses and opportunities to explore different areas of the body. The main job for me is to observe and support you with the right cues and props, so that you are moving safely and working towards your goal.
  3. From day 1 you will start to learn more about your own body. Over time you will become an expert in what your body needs. Through our 1-2-1 session we will get a detailed understanding of exactly how your body moves and where you need to focus to help you feel great
  4. We’ll look at your practice on the mat and also how you can integrate more movement into your modern life. So if you have to spend hours at a desk over a computer, we will discuss and practice movements and poses that you can do daily to help combat those aches and pains. The body that we work with on your yoga mat is the same body off the yoga mat. We always need to be considering how we treat it, if we want to develop and maintain our physical and mental health.
  5. So, not only will you have a personalised programme of yoga poses that you can practice at home you will also have a wealth of actionable lifestyle tips that will keep you moving well and feeling calm. Exercises, movements and poses that you can do at work or before a sports game. As well as breathing and meditation tips that you can practice anytime you need to retreat away and focus on you.

If you’ve started to notice the aches and pains, perhaps it’s time to consider a more personalised approach. 

If you want to enjoy the free of movement for many, many years and love the mind body connection that yoga provide, get in touch to find out about working 1-2-1