It’s a questions I get asked the most and I find it a really difficult question to answer. Mainly because I don’t feel like it fits with just one specific genre or style. In the West, we have created so many different class themes, styles and types of yoga that there really is something for everyone. Which I think is great. But it doesn’t answer your question…

Every yoga class you go to will be different, because each teacher has a different approach. The poses will be vaguely similar but how they are taught will differ.

I believe that there is a yoga style for everyone and it all depends on what you hope to get out of the class on whether a certain style will suit you.

It’s important that you find a class that suits your needs and your aims for yourself. When someone new comes to my class, I always ask ‘what brings you to yoga?’ That’s what I’m really interested in and why I teach…

So here is a little more detail about my approach and who might benefit from my class.

My focus is to improve the functional movement of your body. What this means is that your bones, muscles and joints are strong, mobile and flexible in all of the right proportions so that your body feels good.

I’m influenced and inspired by a new group of yogis who are developing a sustainable approach to yoga. One that suits the needs of modern life and is a safe and effective practice for your body.

I like to include some of the traditional standing and seated poses alongside strengthening exercises and poses to release tension. We will move mindfully into each pose, flowing and sometimes holding and breathing in a pose.

Some times we move in and out of poses, for example, we might hold warrior 2, keeping the legs strong and work on shoulder mobility at the same time with variations of arm and shoulder movements.

You might sometimes experience movements that you don’t find in other yoga classes, such as foot mobilising exercises. This is because I’m learning new techniques all of the time and I like to bring in different movement concepts into my class. So the benefits of working on your feet, for example, can be felt further up the body in helping to ease lower back pain or knee problems. Every part of our body is effected by how well every other part works. So by focusing on our whole body, we benefit as a whole too!

Most of all there will be variety for your body – as this is the best way for you to enjoy a well-functioning body. 

My class suits anyone who is interested in looking after themselves, being the best version they can be and finding a little ‘me’ time to relax and unwind.

My class are also perfect for you if you:

  • spend a lot of time sitting down hunched over a computer, driving or on the sofa
  • experience problems with your pelvic floor or have regular back or knee pain
  • feel stressed or anxious
  • would like to feel better in your body
  • want to stay active for as long as possible
  • are bored of the usual yoga class and want something new!

I’d say my class is a little bit like choosing a healthy eating diet. A healthy movement diet should include variety and be well balanced. That’s how I plan each class or workshop. There will be something for your whole body, it will be different each week and you will feel nourished afterwards.

Most of all it will reflect the nature of yoga giving you time on the mat for loving kindness to yourself. 

If you want to experience my teaching you can find me every Tuesday at Haywood Road community centre in Mapperley.

I also run a Sunday morning yoga club for anyone wanting to spend more time on the good stuff!!

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