What if your beloved skinny jeans were actually making your pelvic floor symptoms worse?

Would you give them up? Could you?

The human body is a pretty fascinating subject. When you think about all of things going on inside of your body now, keeping you going, it’s pretty mind blowing. Just to sit up and read or type, needs so many different muscle functions and nervous system messages to ensure the right parts of you move at the right time. Then there’s your heart, lungs and digestion systems that are also working at the same time.

All of these micro movements happen as if by magic. We hardly need to think about how to sit or stand anymore, we just know how to do this. We learned this early on in our lives and our body works automatically.

So what happens to the body when we put restrictions on it? If you’re unfortunate enough to break a bone you may have to wear a cast. During this time, while your bones are healing, your muscles aren’t moving. They can’t move, so they just wither away. When the cast is removed you have to rebuild that muscle up again so that you can move it effectively.

What happens if you place your body in a variety of casts all day long? Now I can imagine you’re wondering what I mean. Why would you put your body in a cast unless it was broken in some way.

Well, let me tell you something you might not have thought about. If you’re wearing tight clothing right now you’re essentially wearing a body cast. Are you wearing an underwire bra that’s ‘expertly’ fitted so that it actually creates marks on your skin when you take it off? What about your feet? Are your shoes pointy, do they have heels or have you got lots of support in your shoe for your feet?

If you’re wearing any of these items right now you’re effectively wearing a body cast that is limiting your body’s ability to function properly.

The main point to all of this is that you need your whole body to function well so that your pelvic floor can function. If you wear skinny jeans your hips can’t move properly and then your pelvis won’t be in the right position for your pelvic floor. If you’re wearing overly supportive shoes that restrict your foot’s natural ability to move, then you’re affecting your pelvic floor’s ability to function.

Basically all roads lead to the potential for poor pelvic floor function if you’re wearing clothing that restricts your body.

So tell me this…now would you consider giving up your skinny jeans or high heels?

If you’re interested in learning more about pelvic floor function and more specifically how you can start to alleviate your pelvic floor dysfunction then join me on Tuesday 19th May at 11am for a free webinar.