1-2-1 yoga

1-2-1 yoga coaching is a great way to achieve your health goals and benefit from the freedom of movement. 1-2-1 sessions are totally personal and tailored to you, your body and focused on what you want to achieve. 

All 1-2-1 sessions are online via Zoom at a time to suit us both.

I will create a program of yoga and movement that will help you regain and maintain your strength and improve joint mobility and balance. Your personalised programme will be safe and sustainable for your body. Ensuring you are respecting your natural abilities and working within the boundaries of safe movement.

A personal yoga and movement practice is an effective way to help you maintain a good quality of life, by enabling you to enjoy the freedom of movement and providing tools to help you manage stress and anxiety.

Through yoga you will develop a greater sense of your own needs and begin to know what’s best for your body and mind.

1-2-1 yoga coaching is a great way to support your health goals and complement other sporting activities. A carefully chosen sequence of yoga poses can help to prevent injuries and alleviate pain caused by postural and alignment problems.

I specialist in yoga for the rehabilitation of pelvic floor dysfunction and diastastis recti. I use a full body approach to get the body aligned and working well again. Read more about yoga for pelvic floor health

Two options for 1-2-1 yoga sessions

Weekly – 4 sessions per month £157

Ongoing weekly private tuition based on 4 sessions per month = 1 class per week. (Based on a 4 week month)

This is ideal if you want to gain strength, improve mobility and develop your body awareness with personalised advice to suit your needs.

Pelvic floor rehab package £297 for 6 online sessions

This package can take place over 6 weeks or spread over 3 months (2 sessions per month) This package is designed to get you the results you want, helping you to rehabilitate your pelvic floor through restorative exercise, yoga and lifestyle changes. This package includes access to an online library of classes as well as the recordings of our weekly sessions. You will need to be committed to practicing your set of exercises in order to achieve the results you want.

If you’d like to develop your body awareness, reduce pain and stiffness and regain the freedom of movement, then maybe 1-2-1 is for you.