Yoga + Movement for Pelvic Floor Wellbeing

helping you move more and feel better

Hi I’m Clare!

Yoga teacher and pelvic floor happiness coach.

I’m here to support your whole body health through yoga and pelvic floor rehab.

Maybe you’d like to feel stronger and move better – my approach to teaching sustainable yoga will be perfect for you.

If you need focused pelvic floor support I can help you address the imbalances in your whole body system so you can love and trust your pelvic floor again. 

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An online community for pelvic floor wellbeing. Enjoy weekly and monthly zoom classes and a wide range of on demand classes

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In-person Yoga

Carefully created classes to help you move more and feel better. Enjoy yoga that’s good for your body and mind. Available in Nottingham, UK

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Just wanted to say thank you for last night's class. It was just what I needed. I found it flowing, hard but strangely relaxing! I felt 2 inches taller at the end and very chilled. You planned something spot on for my needs that night!


I’ve just done the gentle practice and it’s brilliant! It’s great to see you and hear your lovely calming voice again too!


I just wanted to email you to say thank you for your committed and super helpful guidance and teachings. I do feel a difference and I am challenging myself to walk downstairs using both feet ( instead of holding bannister and leading with right leg one foot at a time) with great success


Clare helped me to understand how holding stress in my body can make the urge to go for a wee worse so we looked at relaxation techniques, breathing, stretching etc to help me manage that need to rush to the toilet. I immediately felt at ease telling her about my toilet troubles! She's so knowledgeable and listened to me carefully before providing practical advice for me to implement. We also had a giggle and it was a really enjoyable session together.


Do you want to enjoy the freedom of movement without limits?

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Try pelvic floor rehab that works

I support women to regain and maintain good pelvic floor function.

I’m a qualified yoga teacher and specialist in restorative movement.

My full body approach combines restorative exercise, functional movement, yoga and lifestyle coaching.

Together we will figure out what is causing your problems and work out a plan of action to get you feeling confident, happy and leak free!

I can help you develop body awareness so you become your own health expert.

I will show you how to build strength and improve mobility to benefit the function of your whole body.

My aim is that you can enjoy life and enjoy the freedom of movement.

About me

Clare Makin

"I believe that everyone can benefit from a safe and sustainable yoga practice. I carefully create inclusive yoga classes that focus on strength, mobility and balance. We all have different bodies, different abilities and different goals. Each person's yoga practice is personal to them and my role is to guide you on your journey.

I've been practising yoga for over 20 years and in 2016 decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge further so decided to train as a yoga teacher. Since then I have completed 2 teacher trainings in 'traditional hatha yoga' and 'yoga with a focus on the science of movement.'

I've loved the power of movement since childhood when I studied ballet, tap and disco dance. I've always been fascinated in how our bodies move and how we can learn new ways of using our body which benefit our whole wellbeing.

My interest in women's health started when I rehabilitated my pelvic floor with a full body approach. I learned how to realign, stretch and strengthen my body to improve the function of my pelvic floor. Now I'm passionate about sharing what I've learned with others!"

Clare is a qualified yoga teacher (500hrs) and certified Your Pelvic Matters instructor, with a background in dance training.


Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

300 hours modern yoga teacher training - Heart and Bones yoga

Diastasis Detective Instructor

Your Pelvic Matters qualified instructor


200 hours hatha yoga teacher training - Bahia Yoga


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Pelvic floor blog

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What is safe and sustainable yoga?

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3 tips for maintaining your pelvic floor health

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